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Removing Report Designer XSL Layout

This section is only indented for upgrade environments where the environment has been upgraded to the current release from IFS Applications 2004, IFS Applications 7 or IFS Applications 7.5. When performing the upgrade process the Report Designer XSL layouts use in the previous track are not automatically removed from the system. This is done to make sure that customized XSL layouts, if any, are not automatically removed from the system. One can run the following script to remove the existing Report Designer XSL layouts and their definitions from the database when one is sure that these can be removed from the system.

In upgrade environments it is recommended to work with Report Designer RDL layouts and remove the existing XSL layouts after converting the layouts from XSL to RDL successfully. This will prevent from getting runtime errors when executing the report if XSL layout been selected. You may encounter errors like "TRANS_CONF_ERROR:Failed transforming report data" errors if XSL Report Designer layout been previewed or printed.