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Security Checkpoints

Management of Security Checkpoints in IFS Aurena is performed through a detail page and an overview page.

Security Checkpoint

Displays information about a specific Security Checkpoint in IFS Aurena. The Security Checkpoint can be Activated and Deactivated.


This list shows which Actions that have the Security Checkpoint specified. It shows the the type of Action and which Projection is resides in.


Displays the log of events for the Security Checkpoint. It shows both successful and denied verification attempt.

Security Checkpoints Overview

The overview page provides the global settings for Security Checkpoints in IFS Aurena and a two lists of all Security Checkpoints in IFS Cloud.

Read more about the global settings here.

Aurena Security Checkpoints

Lists all Security Checkpoints for IFS Aurena. These can be activated and deactivated.

Legacy Security Checkpoints

The Legacy Security Checkpoints page lists all Legacy Checkpoints. This page can be reached from the overview page by navigating to View Legacy Checkpoints.

Read more about the coexistence between Aurena and Legacy Checkpoints here.