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Installer Actions

The installer can be run in different action modes. The mode will determine how the installer will be behave given the parameters passed to it.

Action Purpose
install This is the default action.

The installer will install everything in a delivery/build_home, if there exist a middle tier already, this will be stopped (replicas=0) prior to the db deployments and middle tier update. When the middle tier is stopped the db code will be deployed. If _utils folder is present and the SYS password is passed, the installer will call the prepare.sql file in _utils folder and run the script as SYS user. After the db deployment, the installer will continue with importing data and then the middle tier will be updated and started. If there is Maintenix code in the delivery and credentials are given, the installer deploys a fresh install of the Maintenix application server and report server containers.
mtinstaller This action will do a graceful update of the middle tier. It will not stop any containers, but only apply any configuration changes as gracefully as possible. A new image hotfix version should normally be applied with no or little impact on the system.
Note - changing a password requires that all pods are first stopped.
Use "mtctl stop", then "installer --set action=mtinstaller" and then "mtctl start", since all containers need a restart.
dbinstaller  Only the DB code in the delivery (and prepare.sql as SYS if password is passed) will be deployed and data will be imported. The middle tier will not be managed in this mode.
mtxdbinstall  Installs only the Maintenix database.
mtxreportdbinstall  Installs only the Maintenix Report database.
mtxreportdbdrop  Removes the Maintenix Report DB user schema and related tablespace. Use this action if installation of the Maintenix Report database schema fails and you need to remove a partially completed user schema/tablespace.
mtxdbupgrade  Upgrades only the Maintenix database.
fileexec Only the db file in "dbInstaller.fileName" parameter will be deployed. Middle tier will be unaffected.
delete This action will delete the entire middle tier (the namespace in k8s).
Example that just applies new configuration/versions in the middle tier:  
CMD> .\installer.cmd --set action=mtinstaller --values values.yaml