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Single Item Import

The Application Configuration Packages functionality provides means to package, export and install certain application-wide configurations. They also provide basic lifecycle functionality with the purpose of assisting development and maintenance of such configurations. In some scenarios there is just too much administration to create a package in order to export and install configurations.

Single Item Import can be used in such situations where only one or a couple of configuration items need to be imported. Selected items from an already exported Application Configuration package or items exported using Single Items Export can be installed to another database using single item import.


The validation of Single Item import works the same as for Application Configuration Packages.  If the item(s) to be imported is dependent on other items, those items also need to be added to the Import Configuration to validate the items properly.


Import of a configuration Item will either create a new or update an existing item in the target environment. Import will overwrite existing items' definitions and translations. It will not change the runtime behavior for items that uses the approve and publish steps. Not all configuration items have approve and publish steps. These are considered approved and published directly when imported.

It is only possible to import a configuration item after it has been validated. Preferably there should be no validation issues for the items that should be imported. Still, it is possible to import items that are validated with Error and or Warning. Imported items with errors must be corrected before they can be published and used. Items that uses the approve and publish steps are always set to "Not Approved", if they are imported with errors.

To import a configuration package press the Import button. The import may take some time depending on the number of single items imported. After the import has finished, a message box is shown that indicates the result of the import.

Note: An import is final. It is not possible to cancel the import when it has finished.


The import step creates or updates the items, but for the items that uses the approve and publish steps, publishing is required to actually deploy the changes to the current environment. It is not possible to publish the Imported Single Items through the Application Configuration Packages functionality. To publish a single item, you need to use the respective Custom Objects Overview page.

  1. Navigate to the Custom Objects Overview Page.
  2. Search the imported item and navigate to the custom object.
  3. Publish the custom object.