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Landing Page Development Guide

The Landing Page is the home page for the End User, containing links to ClickOnce Deployment, Aurena, Aurena B2B and Add-ons.

End User Page

There is also an Admin version of the Landing Page, which can be accessed via a link in the installer, or by adding '/admin' to the Landing Page url. The Admin page contains the same links as the End User page, as well as links to ClickOnce Deployment Admin, Middleware Server Admin Console, System Monitoring, Interface Browser and Documentation.

The page make use of the files index.html, index_admin.html and ifs.css, that are located in fndbas\installer\templates\apache2. The scripts used on the pages are located in page_scripts.js in subfolder Scripts.

When adding a new link, consider whether it belongs on the End User or Admin page. End User links should be added to index.html and Admin links to index_admin.html.

To add a new link to the page, a new div of class "element" needs to be created in the page file. The div should have a link and an image, as well as a name and a descriptive text.

Images are to be added to fndbas\installer\templates\apache2\Images.

Some links depend on the server url, in that case a replace tag has to be added to the build_client.xml file. The file can be located in fndbas/client.

New elements can be assigned a color, according to the IFS color scheme, in ifs.css.