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Configured Pages Administration

An administrator can view configured pages in the Page Configurations page in Solution Manager.

A set of administrator actions are also provided:

  • Create a new custom page
  • Configurations and Custom pages can be published and unpublished
  • View details of configured elements of a Page Group and remove specific configuration elements
  • Configurations and Custom Pages can be added to Application Configuration Packages. More information about import and export is found here.

Page Description

Solution Manager > Application Configurations >Page Configurations

Column Description
Page Group Page group is the client model file, one model file can contain several pages. Configurations made to pages in a page group/client model file are exported together. 
Description Client model file description.
Projection Name The Projection which the Page Group is based on.
Context Context page configuration belongs to
Page Type Indicates whether the page is a custom page or a standard page
Status Status weather the configuration layout is published or not. This is the state of the page group, not the individual pages. 
Is Sync Indicates whether a page confoguration is in sync or not. Is Sync is set to false when configurations are done on top of a published configuration. Once the changes are published Is Sync will be set to true
Application Configuration Package If the page layout is connected to an Application Configuration Packages, the package name is mentioned here.
Action Description
Show Details Navigates to Page Group Details page
Publish/Unpublish Publish/Unpublish the Page Group.
Add to Package/Remove from Package Adds or removes the Page Group configurations.

Page Group Details page

Page Group Details page is reached through the 'Show Details' button on the Page Configurations page

Column Description
Element The element in the page group that has been configured.
Element Type The element type of the configured element.
Content The client meta data of the element. The content can be large, a recommendation is to copy the content to an online JSON editor in order to view the information in a user friendly way.

Create New Page dialog

Create New Page dialog is reached through the 'Create New Page' button on the Page Configurations page

Column Description
Page Name Name of the Page. Name should start with a capital letter
Custom Projection The Projection which the Page Group is based on. Only custom projections are listed here
Description Page group description

Adding page to the navigator

Navigator Designer should be used to add Custom Pages to the navigator