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Integration Development


This sections describes how the IFS lifecycle experience build place can be used when developing and unit testing an integration developed by a customer solution developer

Rest API based development

Rest API based integrations is the recommended integration development option in IFS Cloud. No additional steps are required to develop and test a Rest API based integration. Please follow the steps mentioned here for detailed steps to follow.

IFS Connect Development and PLSQL AP Development

IFS Connect and PQLSQL Access provider based development can be done using developer studio and deployed through Developers. The routing rules and addresses for the outbound flow can be configured using Aurena. The Configuration done can be either imported to customer use place through deliveries or through manual configuration after the code changes are deployed through a delivery.

Testing File Sender, Mail Sender and File Reader based flows

File Sender

Files in JSON and XML format can be tested using HTTP and REST senders.

Files in the text format can be tested using Developer Studio.

The full end to end flow with the file sender configured must be tested on the use place environment

Mail Sender

The information sent to the mail sender can be verified by checking the Application Message through IFS Solution Manager. The application message will contain the message body as well as any attachments included in the email.

File Reader - Files in JSON, XML and Text format can be tested using IFS SOAP Gateway.