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Including Remote Assistance fragments in Aurena Native apps

In order to use Remote Assistance features inside Aurena Native apps, Remote Assistance fragments within FNDREM component should be referenced by the .client and .projection files.

Below are the changes that you need to do to include remote assistance fragments in your application development.

Changes in deploy.ini file

First you need to add FNDREM as a dynamic reference under the Connections inside the deploy.ini file. See below example.


Changes in .client and .projection files

You need to add RemoteAssistanceCall, RemoteAssistanceUser and RemoteAssistanceLog fragments as dynamic component dependencies into both .client and .projection files in your application as below.

---------------------------- FRAGMENTS ----------------------------

<other fragments>

@DynamicComponentDependency FNDREM
include fragment RemoteAssistanceCall;
@DynamicComponentDependency FNDREM
include fragment RemoteAssistanceUser;
@DynamicComponentDependency FNDREM
include fragment RemoteAssistanceLog;

After doing these changes you will be able to use Remote Assistance functionality in your application.