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Aurena Native User Details

An Aurena Native User is created in IFS Apps the first time the User connects from a Aurena Native application.

Use the Aurena Native User Details screens to browse and manage Aurena Native users including Apps/Devices and viewing Installed Apps, Device Locations, Logs and Synchronized Entities.

See the Aurena Native Framework Synchronization Guide and/or the Troubleshooting Aurena Native Apps for more information.

Aurena Native User Details

Aurena Native User Details displays the User ID, Description and State of the Aurena Native users that have connected to IFS Apps from an Aurena Native application.

Activities in Aurena Native User Details

  • Enable User
  • Disable User
  • Delete User
  • Installed Apps
  • Device Locations
  • Synchronized Entities
  • Logs

Enable User

It is possible to set the Aurena Native user state to "Active" if it is set to "Disabled" via the command Enable User.

Disable User

If a User is no longer allowed to use Aurena Native applications then it is possible to set the Aurena Native user state to "Disabled" via the command Disable User. By doing this all Apps/Devices registered against the Aurena Native User will also be set to "Disabled" and the Aurena Native user will no longer be able to synchronize Aurena Native applications.

Delete User

This will remove the User and related Synchronized Entity data.  The remaining data will be removed via the Clean Up Aurena Native Entity Sync Data schedule task. This can be done only if the user has been disabled first.

Installed Apps

Installed Applications show all Aurena Native applications that have been used on all devices that the Aurena Native user has connected to IFS Cloud with.

An Aurena Native User Application record is created the first time an Aurena Native user connects with a new Aurena Native application version or device.

Activities in Installed Applications

Device Locations

Use this screen to view the historical GPS locations of the User/Device captured by the Aurena Native application.

Note: Note that device locations will only be captured if they are allowed and enabled for the User/Device/Application.

Synchronized Entities

This screen displays all entities that have been synchronized for each User/Device/Application combination. It shows the date/time the entity was last synchronized and also displays the next time the entity is scheduled to be synchronized.

Activities in Synchronized Entities

  • Sync Now

Sync Now

To be able to advance the batch synchronization process for a specific Entity, User, Device and App Version it is possible to select the record and use the command Sync Now. This will not alter the schedule configuration but will synchronize the selected Entities, Users, Devices and App Versions combinations.


Each time a synchronization event occurs for a User/Device/Application a log record is created.

The log information can be of the type Info, Warning or Error.

Type Description
Info An Info log is written for all events as detailed in below synchronization events table
Warning A warning is written when an issue has occurred but the system is functioning such as device is disabled or when an entity is taking too long to synchronize
Error An error is written when an issue has occurred that prevents the client or server sending/receiving data such as failed executing query or error when synchronizing entity.

Synchronization events include (but not limited to):

Event Description
Application New Application registered for the Aurena Native user/device or the Application has been deleted
Metadata Metadata has been deployed for the Aurena Native application
Device New device registered for the Aurena Native user/application
Pre Initialize Scheduled Activation processed for the Aurena Native user/device/application collecting data for downloading
Activation The Aurena Native user enters their User ID, Password, Service URL & System ID in an Aurena Native application downloading all data for the first time
Initialization The Aurena Native user requests to re-download all data from within an Aurena Native application
Batch Batch synchronization data is gathered for the Aurena Native user
Push Push synchronization data is gathered for the Aurena Native user
Synchronizing Synchronizing entity data

A Database Task exists to clean up Logs.  It is recommended to schedule this to ensure good performance of the system.