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Users Granted

Users Granted Page Example

The Users Granted page provides functionality to manage grants for the current Permission Set to Users in IFS Cloud.

The Users Granted list shows the users that currently have the Permission Set directly granted to them. From this list it's possible to revoke or grant the Permission Set to users.

The Users that indirectly are granted this Permission Set list shows all users that currently indirectly has the Permission Set granted to them. This information is summarized based on the Grant Structure. If the Permission Set is a grantee to other Permission Sets, then Users from those Permission Set will appear in this list. This is to provide an indication of Users affected by the grants in the Permission Set. This list is only for information, no changes can be made.

End User Role and Functional Role

For a Permission Set of the type End User Role, it's possible to grant and revoke Users.

For a Permission Set of the type Functional Role, it's only possible to revoke Users.