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Scheduling Data

Scheduling data includes data fetches for tables for scheduling entities such as activities, resources, shifts, skills etc. Full details of the scheduling schema can be found in the Scheduling Schema Guide in the IFS Planning & Scheduling Optimization (PSO) documentation.

Tables & Rules mapped

Table Rule
Application_Dataset ApplicationDataset
Dataset Dataset
Activity Activity
Activity_Custom_URL ActivityCustomURL
Activity_Group ActivityGroup
Activity_Incentive ActivityIncentive
Activity_Operation ActivityOperation
Activity_Operation_Usage ActivityOperationUsage
Activity_Part ActivityPart
Activity_Productive_Time ActivityProductiveTime
Activity_Resource_Pool_Set ActivityResourcePoolSet
Activity_Skill ActivitySkill
Activity_SLA ActivitySLA
Activity_Status ActivityStatus
Activity_Type ActivityType
Activity_Type_Custom_URL ActivityTypeCustomURL
Activity_Type_Skill ActivityTypeSkill
Activity_Type_Part ActivityTypePart
Activity_Usage_Period ActivityUsagePeriod
Additional_Attribute AdditionalAttribute
Appointment_Offer_Response AppointmentOfferResponse
Appointment_Request AppointmentRequest
Appointment_Template AppointmentTemplate
Appointment_Template_Item AppointmentTemplateItem
Activity_Type_App_Template ActivityTypeAppTemplate
Availability Availability
Availability_Pattern AvailabilityPattern
Broadcast Broadcast
Broadcast_Parameter BroadcastParameter
Calendar Calendar
Calendar_Item CalendarItem
Capacity Capacity
Capacity_Part CapacityPart
Child_Schedule ChildSchedule
Contract Contract
Customer Customer
Custom_Exception CustomException
Custom_Exception_Data CustomExceptionData
Custom_URL CustomURL
Depot_Transfer DepotTransfer
Depot_Transfer_Settings DepotTransferSettings
Icon Icon
Incentive Incentive
Incentive_Availability IncentiveAvailability
Isochrone_Request IsochroneRequest
Location Location
Location_Region LocationRegion
Location_Type LocationType
Modelling_Pattern ModellingPattern
Object_Deletion ObjectDeletion
Object_Group ObjectGroup
Operation Operation
Operation_Hierarchy OperationHierarchy
Operation_Ordering OperationOrdering
Operation_Skill OperationSkill
Part Part
Part_Stock PartStock
Part_Transfer_Settings PartTransferSettings
Productivity_Category ProductivityCategory
Region Region
Resources Resource
Resource_Capacity ResourceCapacity
Resource_Custom_URL ResourceCustomURL
Resource_Type_Capacity ResourceTypeCapacity
Resource_Part ResourcePart
Resource_Pool ResourcePool
Resource_Pool_Item ResourcePoolItem
Resource_Pool_Set ResourcePoolSet
Resource_Preference ResourcePreference
Resource_Region ResourceRegion
Resource_Region_Availability ResourceRegionAvail
Resource_Skill ResourceSkill
Resource_Skill_Availability ResourceSkillAvail
Resource_Type ResourceType
Resource_Type_Custom_URL ResourceTypeCustomURL
Resource_Type_Location ResourceTypeLocation
Resource_Type_Skill ResourceTypeSkill
Resource_Type_Transition ResourceTypeTransition
Rule Rule
Rule_Collection RuleCollection
Rule_Collection_Rule RuleCollectionRule
Rule_Parameter RuleParameter
Rule_Resource RuleResource
Schedule_Event ScheduleEvent
Schedule_Exception_Response ScheduleExceptResponse
Shift Shift
Shift_Break ShiftBreak
Shift_Pattern ShiftPattern
Shift_Type ShiftType
Shift_Type_Break ShiftTypeBreak
Skill Skill
Skill_Hierarchy SkillHierarchy
Skill_Set SkillSet
Skill_Set_Incentive SkillSetIncentive
Skill_Set_Incentive_Avail SkillSetIncentiveAvail
Skill_Set_Incentive_Level SkillSetIncentiveLevel
Skill_Set_Skill SkillSetSkill
Skill_Type SkillType
SLA_Type SLAType
Separation_Group SeparationGroup
Separation_Model SeparationModel
Separation_Model_Item SeparationModelItem
Slot_Usage_Rule_Set SlotUsageRuleSet
Source_Data SourceData
Source_Data_Parameter SourceDataParameter
Special_Day SpecialDay
Special_Day_Item SpecialDayItem
TransferRule TransferRule
TransferRuleSet TransferRuleSet
Travel_Cost_Model TravelCostModel
Travel_Detail_Request TravelDetailRequest
Travel_Penalty TravelPenalty
Target Target
Target_Focus TargetFocus
Target_Level TargetLevel
Team_Resource TeamResource
URL_Parameter URLParameter
URL_String URLString
Usage_Class UsageClass
Usage_Model UsageModel
Usage_Model_Item UsageModelItem
Usage_Model_SLA UsageModelSLA
Visit_Operation VisitOperation
Visit_Part VisitPart


The Broadcast attributes are either hardcoded, set in the Dataset Parameters or set in the mapping package as follows:

  • Broadcast_id - Hardcoded
  • active - Ignored
  • broadcast_type_id - Hardcoded (we only support REST at present)
  • cron_string - Ignored
  • description - Hardcoded
  • plan_type -Taken from the mapping package
  • minimum_plan_quality - Dataset Parameter
  • minimum_step_interval -Ignored
  • only_once - Ignored
  • maximum_wait - Dataset Parameter
  • input_reference_id - Ignored
  • maximum_frequency -Taken from the mapping package
  • allocation_type -Taken from the mapping package
  • expiry_datetime -Ignored
  • time_filter_start -Taken from the mapping package
  • time_filter_end -Taken from the mapping package
  • minimum_visit_status -Taken from the mapping package
  • include_abe_broadcast - Taken from the mapping package *
  • include_dsp_broadcast - Taken from the mapping package *

  • include_swb_broadcast - Taken from the mapping package *

* If these are set to true then the load input will include the additional broadcast request. This will always be for a 'CHANGE' plan and filtered to the correct allocation type (2 for ABE, 8 for DSP). In addition, if you don't explicitly set this parameter but the dataset process type is set to 'Appointment' then the ABE broadcast will automatically be added.

Broadcast Parameters

The Broadcast Parameters are taken from Scheduling Optimization and Machine Learning Configuration Broadcast Settings or hardcoded as follows: