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Configuring Counter Elements

Counter Properties

Counter Data Properties

Property Description
Data Source The name of the elements data source
Column Add columns that should be visible in the element
Aggregate Kind of aggregation that should be applied to the column (only available for SQL and Query Builder Data Sources)
Refresh Interval Will auto refresh the element. It's possible to choose poll interval

Counter Navigation Properties

Property Description
URL Address Any accessible Url that should be navigated to when clicking the element
Use data source condition Will add column data to the navigation Url

Counter Formatting Properties

Property Description
Prefix Text displayed in front of the counter value
Suffix Text displayed after of the counter value
Use thousand separator Will format the counter value using a group separator
Use K,M,B Will format the counter value using K as a suffix meaning 1000 (e.g. 2,3 K means 2300)
Likewise M = 1 000 000 and B = 1 000 000 000
Round Result Rounds the counter value according to the number of decimals selected
Display Null value as Possible to show null (no records) as ' - ' or 0 (zero)
Element text A text at the bottom of the element
Conditions table A set of conditions applied to the column above