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Outbound Integrations from IFS

IFS business logic can consume third-party web services using Outbound and Outbound Request REST APIs. In Outbound requests, the logic waits until a result is returned from the third-party web service. Outbound requests just post the data and continue with the rest of the business logic.

Outbound requests are initiated from the database.

  • Invoked via database using Plsqlap_Server_API package

  • IFS Connect framework will invoke the Message Router to find the routing rule and resolve destination address.

  • Depending on the routing address the relevant transformation will be done and the message will be sent outside the Connect framework using a Connect Sender.

  • If synchronous, the result will be returned to the “message_body_” parameter of the Plsqlap_Server_API.Invoke_Outbound_Message method.