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Configure Technical Records Transfer

In Disconnected Operations, when technical records are transferred with assets during deployments or when bases send technical record updates, a portion of the asset's technical records is transferred. By default, the number of technical records included in transfers is 365 days worth of records before the date on the deployment export file. The default value is configured automatically during installation.

If the default value does not meet your requirements, you can change it.

If your deployments are typically for a longer duration, you should specify a parameter value that ensures that all records created at a FOB are transferred when the aircraft is deployed again.

Note: All MOB and FOB installations using IFS Cloud must use the same value for the TECHNICAL_RECORD_TRANSFER_DAYS parameter.

To configure technical records transfer, set the same value for number of days in both the Maintenix database and in IFS Cloud:

  1. In IFS Maintenix database, in the UTL_CONFIG_PARM table, for the TECHNICAL_RECORD_TRANSFER_DAYS configuration parameter, enter a number of days for the parameter value.
  2. In the Aurena Navigator, go to the Manage MX Config / Apps-Mtx Config page. For the TECHNICAL_RECORD_TRANSFER_DAYS parameter, enter a number of days for the Property type.