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System Access Auditing

Audit trails such as log files and audit tables are essential for keeping track of what is happening in the system, which often is required by policies and laws which applies to various enterprises, markets and regions.

Audit logs serve two purposes. One is to keeping track of normal users do using normal functionality, for example "It was user XXX who transferred the money".  This type of auditing is useful to detect questionable actions (such as embezzlement) by users, or to just keep track of how and why changes in the system is made.

Other audit logs serve to detect suspicious use. For example, it is possible configure audits which may indicate that a single person is using several user accounts. Another example is to make use of access & error log files to search for evidence of attacks against web servers.

History log

IFS History log allows auditing on insert, update and delete of data in IFS tables. It can be configured to create a log entry only if specific columns are updated. It can also be configured to remove audit logs. It is a very easy to use and powerful audit mechanism.