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Working with Oracle Database Integration

The Oracle database integration provides you with a number of features to help increase productivity. The database connection is specified in the project properties of your IFS project. This connection is then used when invoking the functionality described below.

Code Completion

Code completion invoked using ctrl-space, provides you with information about database objects while coding. Support is provided for packages, package procedures and functions, views, tables and columns. Code completion is context sensitive meaning that, only applicable objects are listed in any given context (e.g. views/tables are only listed in select statements).

Hyperlink navigation provides functionality to browse the database. Hold the control key and left-click on the name of a database object in your source code and you will be taken to the file containing that object. If the file doesn't exist on your local disk the source will be fetched from the database and displayed in read-only mode.

Navigation is also available from the context menu using, Go to Package Implementation and Go to Package Specification.

Deployment Support

You can of course deploy your source code to the database. Either use the keyboard shortcut (alt-shift-E) or the toolbar button to deploy your file. If there are errors when deploying these will be displayed as hyperlinks. Click on the hyperlink to navigate to the offending line in your code.

View Data

View Data is a menu option available for functions, procedures and cursors. It will open an execute command window with a predefined test block allowing easy testing of your code. Method parameters will be displayed as local variables and you will be prompted to enter values for these. Enter one value at a time and then press Enter to take you to the next parameter.