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Data Filter Parameters for Materialized Views

The Filter Parameters for Materialized Viewspage can be used to change the filter criteria value used by a Materialized View (MV).

A definition of a Materialized View can contain one or more parameters that will affect the number of transactions transferred to the MV during activation and refresh. An initial criteria/parameter value is defined when the parameter is defined. If it is necessary to modify the parameter values, this page is used and the big advantage is that the MV definition does not have to be altered for the new criteria to take affect at next refresh.

Figure1: Filter Parameters for Materialized Views

Note: It is not possible to create a MV filter criteria via this page. The filter criteria must first be manually added to the MV definition. It is also necessary to define the parameters, handled by deploying a specific INS file. The Filter Parameters for Materialized Views page allows the administrator to modify the value of any defined parameter, without recreating the MV definition. For more information about how to handle the implementation, please read here. Note: This is only available on sites with an IFS Development License.