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Create build structure

Script create_build_structure.ps1

The script create_build_structure.ps1 is located in component fndbas/build folder, and will in a build home be located in the build folder.

When creating a build home, the script should be executed from the components structure, from fndbas/build folder.

When creating a delivery, the script should be executed from the build home/build folder.
If the create_build_structure.ps1 or its sub scripts are changed in the delivery source code, the files will be updated, and if create_build_strucuture.ps1 is changed the script will be automatically restarted using the new version.

The script accepts three parameters.

Parameter Required Purpose Examples/Defaults
Mandatory Path to the components -components "c:\work\components"
-build_home Not allowed if delivery defined Path to the build home. -build_home "c:\work\build_home"
-delivery Not allowed if build_home defined Path to the dellivery. -delivery "c:\work\delivery"

More information found when executing:

PS> Get-Help .\create_build_structure.ps1 -detailed