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Configure Baseline Batch Publishing

Engineers update the baseline in the Central Engineering Authority (CEA) instance. In this instance, a database task stages the baseline updates, bundles them into batches, and saves them in the CEA database (ready for transfer to bases). During installation, the database task called Create Baseline Batch is automatically created and scheduled to create baseline batches daily at 12:00  AM.

You must enable this database task and if the default schedule does not meet your requirements, you can change it.

The number of updates in one batch is determined by the task schedule. You configure the task to run daily or weekly or you have other options. You might need to adjust this value at a later time if you need to create smaller or larger batches.

If you schedule the task to run weekly, then the size of a single batch is one week's worth of baseline changes. When setting the schedule, keep in mind that batches are transferred from the CEA to bases in baseline updates, but are also automatically included in export files when assets are deployed.

By default, when assets are deployed, 52 batches of baseline updates are automatically added to the export file when assets are selected for deployment.

  • If a single batch includes one day's worth of baseline updates, then 52 batches includes 52 days of baseline updates.
  • If a single published batch includes a week's worth of baseline changes, then 52 batches is 52 weeks of baseline updates.

For more information, see Configure Baseline Batch Transfer With Assets.

Enable the baseline batch creation task

Enable this task in the CEA instance only (or the designated instance that is permitted to change the baseline).

  1. In IFS Maintenix database, in the UTL_CONFIG_PARM table, set the parameter value for the BASELINE_TRANSFER_STAGE_CHANGES configuration parameter to TRUE.

Schedule the baseline batch creation task

  1. In the Aurena Navigator, go to the Solution Manager > Background Processing > Database Task Schedules page.
  2. Filter the list by Name: Create Baseline Batch.
  3. Select the task and click View Scheduled Task.
  4. Click the Edit icon.