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Remote deployment option overview


The "Remote deployment option" is an on-premis deployment solution for IFS Cloud.
To setup a Remote environment VMware is a requirement. A VMware ova file will be available in the LE portal that has a k8s instance installed on it. This VM together with a Windows server from the costomers own ova template will make up the middle tier of IFS Cloud. The DB server can be a physical server outside the VMware cluster.

Remote Overview

Management server

The management server is the server from where installation and configuration is made to the middle tier and the DB. It will cater a folder structure with some utility scripts and a folder with all required configuration. In this folder structure the build_home and successiv deliveries resides. This machine is probably a VM in a VMware cluster, but can be a standalone physical machine.

Middler tier server

The middle tier server is a virtual appliance delivered from IFS as a "black box". There should never be a need to logon to this machine. All neccessary configuration of it is done by utility scripts from the management server. This virtual appliance can only reside in a VMware cluster.

Database server

This server will have the database instance installed on it. It is probably a physical machine, but can be virtualised as well.