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Installing behind a Proxy (Optional)

For Middle Tier Server

Following are the microk8s configurations required in IFS Cloud remote deployment option to run behind a proxy.

  1. Open a Powershell Window in Windows Management Server ifsroot folder, then run ./main.ps1 to install the Remote Deployment Option which will install microk8s.

  2. The following configurations in the Ubuntu Linux Middle-Tier Server VM are required.

    2.1. Test if proxy is working:

    curl -v -x http://proxyhostname:3128

    2.2. sudo vim /etc/environment and set below variables.

  3. Then continue to install IFSCloud by running the ifsinstaller.

  4. Restart microk8s

    microk8s stop
    microk8s start
  5. Now the pods should pull the images and start up.

  6. Test if VM can reach the internet through the proxy:

    curl -v -x

For Management Server

By default it will NOT use the Windows Proxy Setting.

Run the following command first to make it work:

   ps> $env:HTTP_PROXY="<proxy server>"
    ps> $env:HTTPS_PROXY="<proxy server>"
    ps> $env:NO_PROXY=”<local ip range>”