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Dell Boomi

Boomi is an industry leading integration tool available as a platform-as-a-service offering. It allows building integration flows visually in a drag-and-drop fashion, without extensive training or specialized technical skills.

Boomi hides the complexity of typical integration functions such as transforming between various data formats (e.g.: EDI, CSV, XML, JSON) and handling different transport mechanisms (e.g.: file, FTP, HTTP). The multitude of Connectors to external systems available of out of the box - including the IFS-Boomi connectors - add further to the power of the Boomi platform. Complex integrations can be built with far less effort and deployed with greater reliability due to these benefits.

Integrations built on the Boomi platform utilize the published APIs in IFS. The likelihood of having to adjust the integrations when an update is applied is significantly less, which reduces the cost of ownership to the customer and brings the solution closer to an evergreen one.