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History Log

The History functionality provides a way of logging all the interesting transactions in the database. It can be set to detect changes such as inserts, updates or deletes on the table level and then log the chosen attributes.

History Log

History Logis used for viewing the logs.

To view the details click on the link in a specific Log or right-click and select Details.

The log contains the following information:

Column Description
Log Id A unique id identifying a log
Component Component the logged information belongs to
Lu Name Logical unit the log belongs to
Table name Name of the logged table
Time stamp Data and time when the logging occurred
Keys Keys to the logical unit logged
History type Insert, Update or Delete
Username Foundation1 username
Transaction Id Id that keeps history records created within the same transaction together

Each log contains a number of attributes for storing the logged values. The attributes are constructed as follows:

Column Description
Column name Name of the database column logged
Old value The value of the column before an update or delete (empty at insert)
New value The column’s new value after an insert or update (empty at delete)

To enable the history command, which lets end users view the history, the user must have QUERY grants on the logical unit History Log. See Security Administration how to grant permissions and mange Permission Sets.