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Editing Model Files using Source Code

The Source view provides the developer with an alternative view of the model data. Here, the information is displayed in an easy to understand text format with all the usual benefits of a text editor, such as fast data entry and support for standard cut/copy/paste operations. There is code completion support and tooltips are provided to make the language syntax easy to understand. When editing files in the source view, you get continuous and instant data validation. The tool will inform you about mistakes such as incorrect casing, references to non-existing objects, illegal properties, etc.

If the source view has syntax errors you can still save the file, but in some cases user will not be able to switch to the Diagram view since this would result in a potential loss of information.

The following context menu actions are available for source models.

  • Go To Source
    This will take to generated files with regard to database, service layer, web client and mobile client (if such files are available).
    Generated files reside in the gen folder (outside the workspace folder) and should not be edited or put into version control by the developer.

  • Run Model Compliance Test
    This will compare the deployed database code with this model file and make sure that the deployed code corresponds to this model.
    Any errors and suggested solution are displayed in the output after running the tests

  • Code Folds
    This will collapse/expand selected code folds or all the code folds

  • Select in Projects
    This will select the file on the project explorer view indicating the hierarchy where the file resides.