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Project Properties

Open Project Properties

Project Properties can be changed by clicking right mouse button on Project Node, then selecting 'Properties'.

Figure:  Change Project Properties

General Panel

Developers can change the general properties of the project from this panel such as BuildHome and Target Version.
Target Version of the added Build Home will be picked automatically if the Use Build Home Target Version checkbox is checked.
Feature Toggle can be used to toggle several features with the developer's consent.

Figure:  General Panel

Figure:  Feature Toggles

With the introduction of the one build process for 21R2-EA upwards, the build homes and dependent areas will be removed. Therefore, the build home related fields found in the project properties window (such as the option to get target version from build home, set build home location, etc...) will be removed. During the development phase, a feature toggle will be present which will also need to be checked to remove the build home related fields. However, once the development phase is over, this will no longer be necessary.

Technologies Panel

Technologies panel can be used to select technologies to be integrated with the project.

Figure:  Technologies Panel

Database Panel

Database panel is used to configure the database connections with the project.
Developers can either add a new database or update an existing database.
Developers can add multiple databases to a project and can set a main database to be used as the default database.

Figure:  Oracle Database Panel

Service Layer Panel

The Service Layer Panel is used to add the details regarding the local server and to add credentials for the Docker support.
Default credentials for the Docker support can be found on the Developer Studio User Community page in workplace.

Figure:  Service Layer Panel