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Tailoring is the process of adapting, or tailoring, the standard IFS Cloud solutions to fit even better for a specific business. It typically involves performing configurations (e.g. of the user experience or process automation), developing reports and integrations, and where motivated also perform customizations to extend or change aspects of the solution.

IFS Cloud offers three ways that tailoring can be done:

  • Configuration: use consultant and power-user friendly designers and tooling to extend the data model, change the user interface, automate processes and much more. To to read more about this go here.
  • Extend on the inside / Customize: customize using the IFS Cloud platform in order to add, extend or override functionality. This is done using our low-code development environment and Layered Application Architecture (LAA) to separate customizations from the core application. To to read more about this go here.
  • Extend on the outside: using low code development platforms like PowerApps and Mendix, integration platforms like Boomi and Snaplogic, or just develop custom clients and integrations using the technology of your choice.

To read more about recommendations on when to use what type of tailoring, go to the IFS Tailoring Guide