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Check Job Details

After executing a job where errors have occurred, you will find rows with error message under the Detail tab of window Execute Job.
You will find error messages from the business logic here, and these error messages together with the content of the attribute string normally gives enough information to identify the problem.


If there are many errors, and you need other persons to evaluate it, you may want to save it to a file. Do like this:

  • Create a file job for error-messages, specify view_name INTFACE_JOB_DETAIL and procedure CREATE_OUTPUT_FILE (semicolon as column-separator).
  • In detail tab, make sure attribute string is first column on the report, and error message the second.
  • In Default Where you can specify which Job ID you want to list error messages for, and then execute the job.
  • If you import this file into Excel, you will get a good overview of the attribute-strings and corresponding error message.