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Smart Data Manager

Smart Data Manager is a new migration tool that simplifies the process of migrating data between different environments. It stores, harmonizes, cleans data, flags for duplicates, and converts and deploys all migration data between environments. It is workflow driven and facilitates the movement of data from imported legacy data via stage containers while enhancing the data all the way to the final deployment container with full control.

The tool can identify data changes in the legacy sources, transform data, flag potential duplicated records, extract basic data as well as keeping control over what data has been deployed, by when, and to which target environment.


The Below Diagram shows the high level workflow of the Smart Data Manager.


Supporting our Customers with a smart and consistent way of managing the data is crucial.

Smart Data Manager secure the whole process:

  • From change control of the legacy data
  • Through data cleansing
  • By Data quality validation,
  • By full control of deployment to different environments.

It enables a new high-quality data build early in the process. by dramatically reducing duration and risks during go live.

Business Benefits

User Friendly

  • Business Driven - little to no technical knowledge required to run the tool
  • Remove complexity and effort by focusing only on master data (basic data auto extracts from master data
  • Easily identify, isolate and correct data errors for critically required actions
  • Reduce manual effort for the Customer with only raw extraction of Customer data required


  • Inbuilt data cleansing and validation
  • Automatic flagging of potential duplicated data
  • Harmonization of data
  • Full and simplified tracking of deployed data
  • Easily identify, isolate and correct data errors for required actions

Improved Performance

  • Start migration from day one of the project giving effort and time reductions while improving quality
  • Faster deployment times
  • Significant reduction of manual effort for data management (testing, remediation, clean up)


  • Automation for key migration steps, e.g. file definitions based on Customer master environment
  • End to end capabilities to support all migration activities
  • One migration master environment creates consistency between multiple target environments