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Each entityset corresponds to a service entrypoint, and can be accessed from a client.

entityset Activities for BusinessActivity;  

It is possible to reduce the number of available data records by adding a where-clause on the entityset. The where-clause is then added automatically to the resulting query.

entityset CompletedActivities for BusinessActivity {  
   where = "completion_date IS NOT NULL";  

Note! The same entity can be exposed as several entity sets, but with different names.

Below follows guidelines for an entityset:


  • Use UpperCamel for the name:
  • entityset UserFinances
  • Name in plural:
  • Use for example, ‘s’ or the suffix ‘Set’ or something that differentiate it from entity which is usual in singular, unless it only contains one record.


  • Use a good name that reflects the content and its where-clause:
  • entityset Orders for Order is not a recommended name if you have a where-clause only showing order in status Planned. Consider naming the entityset PlannedOrders for Order instead.


  • Using underscore character in the name.