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Report Plugin Layout

The.rpl file is required for all plug-ins. It consists of a report layout that contains general information and  properties and a <plug-in> tag that defines properties, data and variables that are specific for each plug-in. For example, the Excel plug-in has a property that determines whether or not the first row in the Excel document should contain the display names for the data fields. The default values are used if the tags are missing or if the value inside the tag is of a wrong type. Properties belonging to the general report layout:

Property Name Sub Property Name Type Default value Description
version   Number N/A The version of the report.
plugin-type   CSV/SCRIPT/XSL/XML/EXCEL/S-EXCEL XML The type of the plug-in that is going to be used on the xml.
plugin-class   Text N/A The fully qualified name of the plug-in class. It is very important to get this correct, see each plug-in documentation for the correct names.
output-method   BINARY/FILE/E-MAIL N/A This is the method that defines the destination of the report.
output-name   Text <ReportId>_<ResultKey> The file or attachment name.
output-extension   Text xml The (file) type of the output. For example csv, xml, xsl, xlsx
default-output-reference binary <host>:<port>/<UNC PATH> <the physical address of the print job printer> Address for binary output. This can be either a host:port reference or a UNC path.
Leave this empty to configure the reference depending on printer.
  file-sender Text N/A File Sender name configured in Solution Manager. For example: FILE_SENDER1, FILE_SENDER2
  file Text <output-name>.<output-extension> This sets the file name for the FILE destination.
Note: This is deprecated. Set instead the other output-references that builds the default for this value.
  e-mail List (; separated) <e-mail address on the print job> List of addresses to send mail to.
  e-mail-sender Text <empty> The email address used as the sender.
  e-mail-cc List (; separated) <empty> List of addresses to send CC-mail to.
  e-mail-subject Text <empty> The subject as a text string
  e-mail-body CDATA (see example) <empty> A text block that defines the body of the mail.
full-xml   TRUE/FALSE TRUE Whether or not the xml that is sent to the plug-in should contain meta data.
flattened-xml enabled TRUE/FALSE TRUE Whether or not the xml that is sent to the plug-in should be of a flattened structure.
  strongtyping TRUE/FALSE TRUE Whether or not the xml that is sent to the plug-in should have defined types for the data fields and be of a flattened structure.
  <full-xsd-column-set> ON/OFF OFF When OFF, only columns that are available in the data will be included. If set to ON, all listed columns in the report schema will be included. This could be good in an Excel sheet if you want columns to be fixed so you can reference them with a static reference.
report-id   List (, separated) N/A The IDs of the reports that the installer will install this layout on.
report-title   Text Other The title of the report, used by the installer when importing layout.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
        <plugin-type>CSV</plugin-type> <!--SCRIPT,XSL,XML,EXCEL,S-EXCEL-->  
        <output-method>FILE</output-method> <!-- BINARY,FILE,E-MAIL-->  
   <e-mail-subject>Email Subject</e-mail-subject>  
Email Body Content from the RPL  
        <report-title>RPL LAYOUT</report-title>  
        <!-- plugin specific properties -->  
            <!-- plugin specific data -->  
            <![CDATA[Put your data here]]>  
            <!-- plugin specific variables -->