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Fetch binaries

Script ifs_fetch.cmd/sh

The script ifs_fetch.cmd/sh is located in the build folder.

When creating a build home, the ifs_fetch script should be executed in the build_home after the create_build_home_structure script has been run.

When creating a delivery, the script should be executed from the build home/build folder and and the parameter --delivey need to be set pointing to the delivery. If the ifs_fetch or its sub source code are changed in the delivery source code, the ifs_fetch will be updated, and the script will be automatically start using the new version.

The script accepts three parameters.

Parameter Required Purpose Examples/Defaults
--user mandatory set JFrog user
--password mandatory set password
--host optional set JFrog host Default
--repo-name optional point to the repository Default binaryartifacts
--log-level optional OFF, SEVERE, WARNING, INFO, CONFIG, FINE, FINER, FINEST, ALL Default is OFF
--force-download optional there is a cache in the build_home to avoid unnecessary downloads. This param can skip the use of this cache Default false
--build-home optional folder path to the build home - default is one level up from current default is ..\ or ../ for linux
--delivery optional folder path to the delivery. ifs_fetch will download the artifact to this delivery folder structure. If --delivery is not given, the fetch will be made to the build_home

More information found when executing:

CMD>ifs_fetch.cmd --user read_user --password pwd --host