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Component Changes

This page provides information about component changes in IFS Cloud.

New Components

The following components were added in IFS Cloud.

Component Name Comment
BUSMOD Business Modeler This component should not be included in any customer solution set.
CSHPLN Cash Planning
SHIPOD Shipment Order  
REQMGT Request Management
SERCAT Service Catalog  
SVCSCH Service Scheduling Integration  
RECSRV Recurring Service  
SCHWRK Schedule Of Work  
HMXCON Heavy Maintenance Service Contract This component holds service contract functionality specific to heavy maintenance processing like Independent MRO. It builds on top of the existing service contract functionality (component SRVCON).
TABMDL Tabular Models  
TABMFW Tabular Models Framework  
TABMTM Tabular Models TM Views  
TMCONF Tabular Models Configurations  
ASDTCL Asset Data Collection  
DATMGT Smart Data Manager  
LOC Location This component holds the location information that previously was located in the MSCOM (Maintenance Common) component. MSCOM has a static dependency to the LOC, which means the new component MUST be added when the MSCOM is installed.
ESSPRO  Employee Self Service Procurement Employee Self Service Procurement (ESSPRO) has been added in IFS Cloud 21R2 release.
PBIES  Power BI embed service  Service used for the power bi (embedded) functionality (create tokens and access the Power BI API). 

Obsolete Components

The following components are obsoleted in IFS Cloud.

Note: Obsolete components can be removed from the database by deploying the <build_home>\manualdeploy\database\prodifsapplications\<component>dr.sql files after the upgrade.
Before deploying the files, the file contents have to be verified and the EXIT statements should be removed.

Component Name Comment
ACCRDI Accounting Rules Analysis Models Dimensions  
ACCRFT Accounting Rules Analysis Models Facts  
AIIM Asset Information Integration Manager Asset Information Integration Manager (AIIM) has been removed in IFS Cloud 21R1 release. AIIM was a component found within the IFS Asset Design solution. Currently there is no plan for a direct replacement in IFS 21R1 release or beyond. IFS R&D will revisit requirements and market needs before deciding the route forward.
APPSDI Application Services Analysis Models Dimensions  
APTOOL Common scripts and utilities, Analysis Models  
BENADM Benefits Administration Only the Dependent functionality moved to PERSON.
BIINT External Report Integration  
BISEDI BI Services Analysis Models Dimensions  
BUDPDI Budget Process Analysis Models Dimensions  
BUDPFT Business Planning Analysis Models Facts  
CCTI Calendar, Contact & Task Integration RIVA Integration for CCTI is replaced by Outlook Calendar Sync (RMPANL).
CFGCDI Config Characteristic Analysis Models Dimensions  
CMPUDI Compatible Unit Analysis Models Dimensions  
CONMDI Sales Contract Mgmt Analysis Models Dimensions  
CONMFT Sales Contract Mgmt Analysis Models Facts  
EOIINT IFS EOI Integration  
EMPINT Employee Integration Extended Application  
ENTEDI Enterprise Analysis Models Dimensions  
EQUIDI Equipment Analysis Models Dimensions  
FNDMWS IFS MiddleWare Server Containerized and moved into FNDBAS component.
FNDADS IFS MiddleWare Server Active Directory Synchronization Functionality is replaced by APIs exposed which adheres to the SCIM protocol
GENLDI General Ledger Analysis Models Dimensions  
GENLFT General Ledger Analysis Models Facts  
GLPNLC General Ledger PNL Cube  
GROCDI Group Consolidation Analysis Package Dimensions  
GROCFT Group Consolidation Analysis Package Facts  
GROCOC Group Consolidation Cube  
HRHCTC Human Resources Headcount Cube  
IMANAC Inventory Management Cube  
INVEDI Inventory Analysis Models Dimensions  
INVEFT Inventory Analysis Models Facts  
INVODI Invoicing Analysis Models Dimensions  
INVOFT Invoicing Analysis Models Facts  
KPISMS KPI Services for Microsoft Sql Server 2.0.0  
KPISRV KPI Services 2.0.0  
LINADI Linear Asset Analysis Models Package Dimensions  
MFGSDI Manufacturing Stds Analysis Models Dimensions  
MFGSFT Manufacturing Stds Analysis Models Facts  
MPCCDI Gen Inventory and Distr Analysis Models Dimensions  
MSCODI Maintenance Common Analysis Models Dimensions  
OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) has been removed in IFS Cloud 21R1 release. OEE was a component found within the IFS Maintenance solution. Currently there is no plan for a direct replacement in IFS 21R1 release or beyond.
IFS R&D will revisit requirements and market needs before deciding the route forward.
ORDEDI Customer Orders Analysis Models Dimensions  
ORDEFT Customer Orders Analysis Models Facts  
PARTDI Part Catalog Analysis Models Dimensions  
PCMSDI PCM Service Contr Info Analysis Models Dimensions  
PCSUPC Procurement Supplier Cube  
PERSDI Person Analysis Models Dimensions  
PERSFT Person Analysis Models Facts  
PJBFDI Proj Budg and Forecast Analyis Models Dimensions  
PJBFFT Project Budg and Forecast Analysis Models Facts  
PJCOMC Project Common Cube  
PRJMSP Microsoft Project Integration  
PRJRDI Project Reporting Analysis Models Dimensions  
PRJRFT Project Reporting Analysis Models Facts  
PROJDI Project Analysis Models Dimensions  
PROJFT Project Analysis Models Facts  
PROJX Primavera Integration This has been replaced from PROOPG
PURCDI Purchasing Analysis Models Dimensions  
PURCFT Purchasing Analysis Models Facts  
RISKAC Risk Analysis Cube  
RISKDI Risk Analysis Models Dimensions  
RISKFT Risk Analysis Models Facts  
SCANAC Sales Contract Analysis Cube  
SCENTR Support Center Support Center is replaced by Call Center solution.
SHPODI Shop Order Analysis Models Dimensions  
SHPOFT Shop Order Analysis Models Facts  
SLANAC Sales Analysis Cube  
SOANAC Shop Order Analysis Cube  
SRVCDI Service Contract Analysis Models Dimensions  
SUBCDI Sub Contract Analysis Models Dimensions  
TOOLDI Tools & Equip Analysis Models Dimensions
VIMDI Vehicle Info Mgmt Analysis Models Dimensions
VRTMAP Virtual Map All map positions was moved to APPSRV in Apps 10 already. The client parts of APPSRV is not fully implemented in Aurena yet, but will be going forward.
WOANAC Work Order Analysis Cube
WODI Work Order Analysis Models Dimensions  
WOFT Work Order Analysis Models Facts  
SCH360 Scheduling 360 Relevant content is moved to SVCSCH 

Split Components

Below are the Components that have been split in IFS Cloud. There is no any additional steps needed to be done by technician during the installation, but below information may be helpful.

Component: Component
Description: <OLD> component is installed from existing component <NEW>.
--- ---
Deployment impact:
  • cccccc\nnn.upg is used to upgrade <OLD> objects from IFS Application 10
--- ---