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Overriding Printer Settings

When printing from Aurena client directly to a physical printer (not a logical printer), the Print Agent is not used so the parameters defined for the Print Agent have no effect on the printing. In that case default parameters supplied by the client are used and those work for most of the printers. If a need should arise to change a value of a printing parameter (for debugging purposes, or because some non-standard printer doesn't work with default settings) it can be done by adding entries to the server.xml file.

Adding printing parameters in server.xml file

server.xml file is used because it will affect all of the users for that installation and a change of a parameter value would require only a restart of the client application. No signing is needed.

To change printer settings, create a top node named printers. Under the printers node create a printer node. The parameters are divided into two groups: printparams and printuserparams, so create one or both nodes depending on which parameters are to be changed. For each printing parameter to be overridden, create a property node with name and value attributes.

Parameters for all and for specific printers

If the printer node has no name attribute, the settings will be applied to all printouts. If only one printer should be affected, add a name attribute to the printer node where you specify the printer. Many printer nodes can be specified in the same file. If there is no name match on the named nodes, the default one (without name) will be used if present.

Parameter list

A description of available parameters can be found in the Configure Print Agent printing parameters chapter.


Example of a modified server.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>  
 <configuation connectstring="" systemname="EE80-FW-670">  
          <property name="Scale"  value="75"/>  
    <printer name="\\lkpprinter1\LKP4D">  
          <property name="Scale"  value="25"/>  
          <property name="ShrinkToFit"  value="true"/>