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BR Report Parameters

This page provides a short overview on how to find published IFS Business Reporter (BR) report and associated parameters.


The page BR Report Parameters can be used to lookup published IFS Business Reporter reports. The page also displays all report parameters for each report.

The page will show all published BR reports, either publicly published or published for BR access only. By selecting one report from the selector, the report details along with its parameters will be displayed.

Standard display layout is as follows:

To see more details about the parameters, swicth the list layout to List View. Then scroll to the right for more details.

Special important information for the parameters are the publishing related fields, Published Parameter Name and Published Parameter Properties. The content in these fields are used to support List of Values functionality in IFS Reporting related to Business Reporter reports. For more information about List of Values for BR use this link >>

To see more details about the published properties, click on the notebook icon.

Especially the REF value can be of interest when investigating what List of Values view that is used for a parameter

Special Information

If a published Business Reporter report has a parameter that refers to a global BR parameter, then it is possible to find the report(s) that references the global parameter.

Start by opening the Global BR Parameters page.

Select a parameter and then use the Report Parameter References action that will open the Report Parameters Referencing Global Parameters page.

The page shows all BR reports and report parameters that references the selected global parameter.

Select one or more of the parameters and go to details to find the parameters details in the BR Report Parameters page.