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Set Defer on Approval Configuration Parameter to False in Maintenix

You can enable a technician to sign off on the deferral of a fault, after MOC approval of a deferral request and before the fault status changes to Deferred. In order to do this, you must set the DEFER_ON_APPROVAL configuration parameter to FALSE. If the parameter value is FALSE, then after maintenance operations control (MOC) approves use of the selected reference (when MOC authorization is required), the technician completes the deferral process in FLM by deferring the fault again, this time recording the deferral action performed and signing off on the deferral.

To set the parameter to false, in the Maintenix database go to the UTL_CONFIG_PARM table, for the configuration parameter where the PARM_NAME is DEFER_ON_APPROVAL, set the parameter value to FALSE.

For technicians working in Maintenix, with this configuration parameter set to false, after the deferral reference request is approved or after a deferral not requiring MOC authorization, technicians must perform a job stop before the fault is deferred.