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Distribution of Configured Pages

All Aurena page configurations are global, meaning that all end users who has access to the page will see the configuration changes. Completely new Aurena pages can be created by duplicating an existing page. These new pages are not linked to any existing navigator items, so the way to access newly created pages are through directly accessing the corresponding web browser URL for the page. Bookmarking that page in Aurena is proposed to ease access to the page for the end users.

How to get the URL:

  1. Duplicate an existing page
  2. Set a name for the new page
  3. Refresh and copy the URL from the browser
  4. Example: The standard page has this URL: https://<Server>:<Port>/main/ifsapplications/web/page/OperationalReports/OperationalReports The duplicated page named MyReports get the following url: https://<Server>:<Port>/main/ifsapplications/web/page/OperationalReports/ MyReports