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Business Reporter - System Parameters

This page describes system parameters related to IFS Business Reporter.


System parameters related to IFS Business Reporter are found in the BR System Parameters page.

Available Parameters

The following IFS Business Reporter parameters are available, all of them optional. The default settings should be enough for most cases.

Parameter Name Description
Allow nested repeaters Specifies whether to allow nested basic repeaters for unconnected dimension items in IFS Business Reporter.
Default value is FALSE.
Enabling nested basic repeaters in a design row, can lead to slow performance.
Lifetime in days for archived reports Specifies the cleanup age limit in days for reports stored in the 30 days.
The archive is typically used to store executed IFS Business Reporter reports when performing export of non- IFS Business Reporter to someone that does not have IFS Business Reporter installed. The receiver typically fills in information in the Excel file before sending it back to IFS Cloud for import and write back. The original file at the time of export must be available in the archive to be able to handle the import. Thus the lifetime limit must be set to that there is no risk that required original reports are removed by a built in cleanup functionality.
Lifetime in days for reports archived in IFS Cloud Specifies the cleanup age limit in days for IFS Business Reporter specific reports archived in IFS Cloud.
Default value is 100 days.
Max number of rows to retrieve during report execution This specifies the maximum number of rows to retrieve for one data set (one SELECT statement). The purpose is to avoid total deadlock if a query due to some reason will retrieve a huge number of rows.
Default value is 65000.
Maximum number of repeating sheets allowed in report output Specifies the default number of sheets when using Sheet Repeater functionality in IFS Business Reporter. A warning message will appear in IFS Business Reporter if the supplied limit is about to be exceeded. For improved usability, the warning message can be ignored. The parameter only has impact when a report is executed from the IFS Business Reporter client. If a report is executed via IFS Business Reporter Execution Server then this parameter will not be used.
Default value is 50
Usage of Business Reporter Execution Server Specifies whether IFS Business Reporter Execution Server is used for rendering of IFS Business Reporter reports in order to reduce the time for the report rendering process.
Default value is NO.
If the value ONLY_FOR_SCHEDULED_REPORTS is used the IFS Business Reporter Execution Server will only render scheduled reports.
When the value FOR_ALL_INFO_SERVICES_REPORTS is used, both online and scheduled reports will be rendered with the IFS Business Reporter Execution Server.

URL Navigation

IFS Business Reporter (BR) supports navigation from a BR detail report, created as a result of performing Zoom In or Drill Down, to a target page in IFS Cloud. The navigation is handled by using a system defined URL and then adding the target address as defined in the Information Source metadata.
The system defined URL must have been defined for the navigation functionality to work properly. The URL is defined in by parameter System Url in the System Parameters page, a parameter that has to be defined by an administrator.