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Initiate a prepare database

Before you can deploy any objects into the database you must prepare your database. A predefined script is included in the delivery for this purpose. In reality this means that the application owner will be created but also other schema owners and users. These users are granted necessary privileges in the database to become useful and assigned to an Oracle profile designed for internal IFS users.

There are two ways of preparing the database:

  1. If prepare and all other db deployments including import of data should be run in one step, the entire build_home is set to be deployed. When the sysPassword is set the prepare.sql will be executed. Read more about the scenario in Deploy Database Objects and Import Data

  2. If the database need to be prepared separately before the rest of the database objects are deployed to the database, the prepare.sql script can be run as a single execution file, by specifying the full path to the file as a parameter to the installer. When running a single execution file, the user and the password has to be defined, and for the prepare.sql the user is SYS.
    When deploying the rest of the database objects later, the sysPassword should be omitted (as described in Deploy Database Objects and Import Data), so the prepare.sql will not be run again.
    Read more about single file execution in section File Executor.