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IFS Report Designer

IFS Report Designer is the tool used to design layouts for operational reports, such as purchase orders and invoices, in IFS Cloud.
It is fully based on open standards XML, XSL-FO, and PDF.

The Report Designer tool is packed separately and installed from its own installer. Typically the installer should be started from its shared location and will be installed locally on the users PC. The latest version of the tool will be compatible with all versions starting from IFS Applications 8 and will prompt if a newer version is available from the installation location.

The layout design process can be done completely standalone from IFS Applications but will take advantage of an IFS Cloud server if available.

IFS Report Designer provides features such as:

  • Visual layout design of Operational Reports
  • Formulas, conditional formatting, barcode, including 2D barcode, support and other layout features commonly used in operational reports
  • Integrated PDF previewing.
  • Deployment of layouts.

You will find a detailed description on how to design layouts in the Development Guide.

Since IFS Report Designer is based on XML and it is necessary to change the way the report data is stored in order to use Report Designer layouts, quite often the name IFS Report Designer is used for then entire concept surrounding the usage of Report Designer layouts. This would involve the modification of the report definition file (RDF) to build the XML document holding the report data, instead of only the layout it self.