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21R1 to 21R2 Differences

Functionality 21R1 21R2
Implementation Mode IFS sales team must select the option – upgrading customer Yes / No, as part of the onboarding process of the customer. Customer has the opportunity to select the mode of implementation option of upgrading, new or reimplementation
Impact Analyzer Update Analyzer only supported analyzing the contents from the master branch given the customer-solution repository. Repo URLs should be entered manually by the user. Update Analyzer supports analyzing contents from not only the master branch but also to analyze contents in a delivery branch and release-update branch.Repo URLs are fetched automatically when .upda files are opened from Update Analyzer.
Configuration Analyzer Previous tool was used up to App10 and was able to do the configuration analysis using the interface report. This was a separate tool outside the IFS application. Current tool is implemented within the Aurena client itself and supporting all IFS Cloud versions. This tools supports custom entities and customer attributes when analyzing the configurations. This tool supports configuration analysis to be done in both Build Place and Use Place provided all the configurations are maintained.
Build Place Logs Pipeline URLs are used to view the status of a Build Place Activity Logs are being introduced in a separate screen. Users can use the logs instead of Pipeline URLs. Accordingly, access to Pipeline URLs would be no longer be available.
Build Home Build Home was shared in the Build Place environments Build Home is not shared in the Build Place environments and Developer Studio now has the capability to do Aurena development without Build Home.
Environment (VM) Operating System MS Window Introduced Linux as OS as part of the Build Place performance optimization initiative.
Daily Sanity Schedule Daily Sanity build schedule can be set from the "Settings" dialog Only manual sanity builds can be run.