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Deploy a container hotfix

The middle tier containers can be hotfixed without a delivery from the build place. Hotfixes will only be available if there are severe security patches for the middle tier that need to be applied.
More details on how to deploy using the IFS Cloud Installer can be found here IFS Cloud Installer.

Follow these steps:

  • Update the ifscloud-values.yaml with a chartVersion syntax that fetches hotfixes.
    Note that if the chartVersion is not stored in a persistent ifscloud-values.yaml file, the hotfix might be reverted in the next delivery.
  • If latest hotfixes should be applied the parameter chartVersion need to have a ~ in front of the version e.g. chartVersion: ~211.0.0
    This will download the latest available hotfix version of middle tier 211.0.x - e.g. 211.0.2
  • If a specific hotfix is required it can be specified with all digit in the chartVersion e.g. 211.0.1 - without the ~
  • If the chartVersion is set to ~211.0.0 and a new service update is applied to the system e.g. 211.1.0, the installer will see that the version in the ifsinstaller/version file is higher than the chartVersion parameter, and will deploy the version specified in the version file instead.
  • Run the installer with action=mtinstaller from the latest deployed delivery or build_home
    .\installer.cmd --values ifscloud-values.yaml --set action=mtinstaller --values solutionset.yaml

NOTE: All the parameters that was used when installing middle-tier and the DB deployment are required also in middle tier hotfix deliveries. If parameters are absent the system will be configured without these values resulting in a system that is unintentionally reconfigured. see  Installation parameters and Custom values yaml example