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Multiline Field

This control is used to enter multiple lines of text and can be used in lists and groups/sections. The complete content of a multiline field will be displayed in a either dialog or the field itself accessible by clicking the downward arrow in the bottom right corner of the control.

Multiline Field

Figure 1 - Multiline Field Control

Multiline Field

Figure 2 - Multiline Field in Group with fullWidth property setting

Multiline Field Dialog

Figure 3 - Multiline Field, dialog displaying content


The multiline field is a variant of the field control.

When to use

Use this control when there is a requirement to enter very long texts.



How to use

Add a normal field to the client model and set the multiline property to true.

    field NoteText {  
        label = "Notes";  
        size = Medium;  
        multiline = true;  




Below is a list of properties that can be used to customize the control.

height | label


Below is a simple example of a multiline field usage

    field Description {  
        label = "Description";  
        multiline = true;  
        height = Medium;  

Example - Multiline Field example code