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Creating a Security Checkpoint

Create a new Security Checkpoint for IFS Aurena by defining a new Projection checkpoint on an action with Marble within the Projection implementation file. New Security Checkpoints in IFS Aurena which are also known as Projection checkpoints.

An action with a Security Checkpoint can be defined as follows

action TestAction {  
   initialcheck none;  
   parameter StrKey Text;  
   parameter TextPara Text;  
   checkpoint = "Checkpoint_ActionVoidUb";  
   legacycheckpoints = "CHKPT_TEST_LEGACY_CP1", "CHKPT_TEST_LEGACY_CP2";  

TestAction has a new Security Checkpoint, Projection Checkpoint, specified with the ID "Checkpoint_ActionVoidUb". The ID of the Security Checkpoint is specified as the checkpoint attribute. The same ID can be used one or more actions.

The PL/SQL code in the business logic for this action has two Legacy Security Checkpoints. Therefore, the ID's for the Legacy Security Checkpoints are referenced. To reference a Legacy Security Checkpoints, specify the ID of the Legacy Security Checkpoints in the legacycheckpoints attribute. This attribute is optional and should only be used of the specific action is affected by Legacy Security Checkpoints. One or more Legacy Security Checkpoints can be specified as a comma separated string list.

Error Handling

IFS Aurena client development allows the implementation of error handling scenarios for Commands. This can also be utilized when designing the error handling for Commands that executes an action with a Security Checkpoint.