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Applying the Delivery to the Use Place

This is handled in two ways, depending on the Residency option a customer has selected for their Use Place.

Residency Option 1 - IFS Cloud:

In this case, the approved delivery can be applied to the use place by using a scheduled job via SNOW. Below process explains the delivery deployment of IFS Cloud.

Figure 1.1 - Deploy delivery - Overview

Use Place Management Form in SNOW

CSM Portal -

IFS Lifecycle Experience Use Place Management Form can be found as below.

Figure 1.2 - ALE Use Place Management form

Enter customer details, use place details and scheduling

Figure 1.3 - Customer Information
Figure 1.4 - Use Place Information
Figure 1.5 - Scheduling Information

Residency Option 2 - Remote

In this case, the user has to download the delivery via the Deliveries section in the Build place and apply it themselves.The user must first have a properly configured remote Use Place to apply a delivery. The scripts and other items needed to set up a remote Use Place can be found in the 'Manage Deployments' section in the Build Place, if the customer's residency option is of type 2 (Remote).

Figure 1.6 - Manage Deployments button

A sample screen shot of the 'Manage Deployments' section.

Figure 1.7 - Manage Deployments page