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How to use the CSV Plug-in

This is a plug-in that transforms a flat xml stream into a csv stream. In order to use it a number of properties has to be set in the rpl file.

Report Plug-in Layout

Layout properties

The required layout properties for the csv plug-in:

Name Value
plugin-type CSV
plugin-class ifs.application.reportingservices.impl.extendedformatter.csvplugin.CSVPlugin
output-extension csv
flattened-xml TRUE

Plug-in properties

The plug-in properties are not case sensitive and can be in any order, if they are not included in the rpl file the default values will be used.

Name Type Default value Description
delimiter Text semicolon (;) The character that separates the values.
newline Text \n The character/s that represents a new line.
quote Text quotation mark (") The character that encloses values that has embedded delimiters.
useColumnNames YES/NO YES Whether or not to use display names as column names for the first row.

Plug-in data

This plug-in does not use the data tag of the report plug-in layout.

Plug-in variables

This plug-in does not use the variable tag of the report plug-in layout.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
        <layout-type>CSV</layout-type> <!--SCRIPT,XSL,XML,EXCEL-->  
        <output-method>FILE</output-method> <!-- BINARY,FILE,E-MAIL-->  
   <e-mail-subject>Email Subject</e-mail-subject>  
Email Body Content from the RPL  
        <report-title>RPL LAYOUT</report-title>  
            <!-- not used by this plugin -->  
            <!-- not used by this plugin -->