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Basic Data Translation

This page describes how to manage Basic Data Translations when developing Information Sources.


There might be existing core support for translation of data as well, typically basic data translations related to dimensions but also related to light items in Information Sources (facts).

Implementing the retrieval of translations at execution-time must be handled by information source developers, when creating FACT or DIMENSION views. The description or text should be selected according to the language settings of the client session.

Example - Data Mart View

The picture below shows how account related translations are retrieved in the Data Mart access case.

Figure 1: Basic Data Translation Handling in Data Mart View

The implementation is made such that account related translation are stored in a separate Materialized View, that is access through a sub select to get the description according to the current session language.

Example - Online View

In the On Line case the solution is like this:

Figure 2: Basic Data Translation Handling in Online View

The translation is retrieved from the appropriate translation table through a sub select. It could of course also have been a function call to a PL package. What solution to prefer depends on performance.