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Value added features of Delivery functionality

ALE portal has provided a separate section called "Deliveries" with some additional features for successful deliveries(Figure 1.1). This section can be found on both Buildplace and Release Studio overview pages with respective deliveries.

Figure 1.1 - Deliveries button

The features supported by the deliveries section are,

  1. View all the successful deliveries with the information such as Delivery Name, Product Version, Job ID, Baseline Delivery ID, Approval status, Approved By, Last commit Date, Build Time (Figure 1.2).

  2. Lists the deliveries sorted by "created date" in descending order.

  3. Filter deliveries using a text search (Figure 1.2) [1]

    Figure 1.2 - Deliveries table
  4. Download delivery package (Figure 1.3)[1]

  5. Download delivery logs (Figure 1.3)[2]

  6. Download delivery report (Figure 1.3)[3]

    Figure 1.3 - Downloadables in Deliveries table

Delivery report

  • Delivery report is a resultant of a successful delivery creation which downloads in .pdf format and it contains related information on a particular delivery. View sample report Figure 1.4.

  • Download delivery report option is not available for Initial deliveries and not-approved (pending) deliveries. This option is available for all the successful buildpalce-normal, buildplace-corrective and release-studio deliveries.

  • "Report" button will be hidden for initial deliveries [4] and, the button is disabled for not-approved deliveries[5]. (Figure 1.3)

  • Delivery report is named with the delivery package name. eg: ifs-cloud-22.2E.0-testbp-2.8.0-20230103T110115Z-success.pdf.

  • Delivery report can contain multiple pages depends on the number of pull requests.

  • Following are the information included in a delivery report (Figure 1.4).

  • Title of the report[1]

  • Delivery package name[2]
  • Customer name[3]
  • Customer ID[4]
  • User who created the delivery[5]
  • User who approved the delivery[6]
  • Product version[7]
  • Delivery package Release Number[8]
  • Delivery package name[9]
  • Delivery created timestamp[10]
  • Delivery approved timestamp[11]
  • Target Branch / Tag of the delivery[12]. For normal delivery, the value of this would be a sanity tag. If it is a corrective delivery, the value would be the topic branch created using the baseline-delivery tag.
  • Commit ID of the Target Branch / Tag[13]
  • Baseline delivery release number[14]
  • Baseline delivery name[15]

  • Delivery report contains all the pull requests details that has been merged in between the baseline delivery tag commit and the target tag / branch commit.

  • Pull request ID[16]

  • Pull request title[17]
  • Pull request description[18]

  • If any of the information is missing, it will be indicated with the text "Information Not Found!" in a gray background[19].

    Note: Whatever is added in the Pull Request description will be shown in the delivery report Pull Request Description field. Therefore, when raising a PR, make sure to add a meaningful Pull Request description that is relevant to the commits contained in the PR.

    Figure 1.4 - Normal Delivery report
    Figure 1.5 - Corrective Delivery report
    Figure 1.6 - Release Update Delivery report
  • During a failure in the report generation, below toast message will be appeared. In a failure situation, users are advice to raise a support defect with the "Ale TraceId" and the "ErrorCode" mentioned in the toast message.