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IFS Cloud only support the Gregorian calendar. The Gregorian calendar is the default calendar in all Oracle installations so no specific setting is required. It will lead to errors If you try and change the calendar to a format other than Gregorian. Thus the Oracle initialization parameter Nls_Calendar must not be changed from "GREGORIAN". The calendar used by IFS Cloud can be found within the function Database_SYS.Get_Database_Calendar.

IFS Cloud have two fixed dates:

  • First calendar date
    This date is set to 1st of January year one, 0001-01-01.
    You can get the first date by calling Database_SYS.First_Calendar_Date_
  • Last calendar date
    The last date is set to 9999-12-31
    You can get the last date by calling Database_SYS.Last_Calendar_Date_

These two dates are generally used if you have designed your entity with an open date interval where either of the date values can be null.

Example:sysdate BETWEEEN Nvl(start_date, Database_SYS.First_Calendar_Date) AND Nvl(stop_date, Database_SYS.Last_Calendar_Date)