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End User Management

Users are created, deleted, and edited exclusively in the Aurena User Management pages and not in the Maintenix application. This behavior is controlled by the following configuration parameters which are enabled during installation:

  • IFS_CODEPLOYED_SCHEMA_ENABLED (set in the Maintenix database)
  • MaintenixConnected (set in Aurena / Manage Mx Config / Apps-Mtx Config)

The information in a Maintenix user record is contained in the following two, separate Aurena records:

  • User record - see Solution Manager / Users and Permissions / Users/User.
  • Person record - when you create a user, you can create a Person at the same time. See Application Base Setup / Enterprise / Person page.

When Users and Persons are created or modified in Aurena, the information is updated in Maintenix as follows:

Aurena user record field updated Aurena person record field updated Resulting field updated in Maintenix
Identity Username
User Email Email Address
Active = Yes
Active = No
Locked checkbox not selected
Locked checkbox is selected
Full Name First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Communication Method:
Name column value = Alert
Communication Method column value = E-Mail
Alert Email Address
Person Id (when created) HR Code

To log into IFS Cloud, end users must have a User Identity with a User Type of End User.

Note: Users such as pilots who don't log into the system, but who are referenced in the system by other logged in users, do not have a User record, but they do have a Person record.