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Configuration Extractor

IFS Update Analyzer is a tool to identify areas where customizations and configurations may have to be modified when taking Feature Releases in IFS Cloud.
The Configuration Extractor page is used to extract the configurations from an installation to be analyzed by the Update Analyzer to find potential issues that needs to be handled when taking a new update.
Note: It is not expected to run Configuration Analysis when taking Service Updates in IFS Cloud.

Configuration Extractor requires Rowkey to be enabled on the related entities which store information on the configuration. If this is missing, errors will be thrown. See Supported Configurations for the entity names.

Window Descriptions

The configurations can be extracted using the Configuration Extractor page which is located under  IFS/Solution Manager>Configurations>Application Configuration Packages>Configuration extractor

Figure 1 - Configuration Extractor - Extract Configurationsoption

Click Next to extract the configurations. The total duration of the extraction depends on the number of configurations, the greater the number the longer the extraction would take. A summary of the results of the extraction can be viewed in the next step.

Figure 2 - Download extractions

Click Download to download the configurations in ZIP format. The downloaded ZIP will include all the configurations in the application and a log file which contains extracted information for each Configuration. The log file can be used to identify errors if there are any and the extracted files can be used in the Update Analyzer tool.

Handling Errors

If there is an error reported, it is most probably caused by the configuration been incorrectly configured. Check the status of the configuration, if it is working properly and if it should be part of the analyze.

Supported Configurations

The following configurations are currently supported. The file naming convention can be used to find the configuration which the file is related to. Configuration Storage states the entity which stores the configuration information. These entities must have Rowkey enabled on them for Extract operation to work.

Configuration Type Extraction Folder File Naming Convention Configuration Storage (LU)
Custom Fields* CustomFields CustomField-[LU_NAME].sql CustomFields
Custom Entities* CustomEntities CustomEntity-[LU_NAME].sql CustomLus
Aurena Page Configurations AurenaPageConfigurations AurenaPageConfiguration-[CLIENT].xml FndModelDesignData
Projection Configurations ProjectionConfigurations ProjectionConfiguration-[PROJECTION_NAME].xml  
Custom Events CustomEvents CustomEvent-[LU_NAME]-[EVENT_ID].xml FndEvent
Custom Event Actions CustomEvents CustomEventAction-[LU_NAME]-[EVENT_ID]-[ACTION_NO].xml FndEventAction
SQL Quick Reports QuickReports SQLQuickReport-[DESCRIPTION]-[QUICK_REPORT_PO_ID].sql QuickReport
Query Builder Quick Reports QuickReports QueryBuilderQuickReport-[DESCRIPTION]-[QUICK_REPORT_PO_ID].sql QuickReport
Report Rules ReportRules ReportRule-[RULE_ID]-[DESCRIPTION].sql ReportRuleDefinition
Lobby Data Sources LobbyDatasources LobbyDatasource-[DATASOURCE_NAME]-[DATASOURCE_ID].xml CompositePageDataSource
History Log HistoryLogs HistoryLog-[TABLE_NAME].xml HistorySetting

* = Requires IFS/FNDCOB component

Note: The extracted files should not be used for as a mechanism for importing these configurations.